Cork 'N Cleaver



Relax and enjoy the music...

Each Thursday night from 7 to 9 we gather to enjoy the eclectic sounds of some of our areas most talented musicians. Folk, jazz, blues, contemporary, and rock... Something for everyone. Why not spend time with some good friend and food? We'll be there. (Click on any one of our performer's pictures to link to their page - if available)




Thursday December 7: Todd Sisson

Thursday December 14: Ken Littlefield

Thursday December 21: Ian Frye

Thursday December 28: Ken Littlefield



Thursday January 4:   Isaias Quintanilla

Thursday January 11: Todd Sisson 

Thursday January 18: Dan Christianson  

Thursday January 25: Ken Littlefield



Thursday February 1: Ian Frye  

Thursday February 8: Ken Littlefield   

Thursday February 15: Isaias Quintanilla

Thursday February 22: Todd Sisson

Thursday February 29: Dan Christianson